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Moonlight Media NFT Hub

Dive into the digital realms I've created with my NFT Collections, a vibrant showcase of my journey in the Web3 space. Each piece is a story, a moment captured through my artistic lens, and a token of digital innovation.  While you'll find a curated selection of my work here, I invite you to explore the full expanse of my creations on the various platforms I've linked below.

Follow me on X (Twitter) MoonlightCiara for regular updates, and where I share my latest works, thoughts and collaborations within Web3 in real-time!


  • Reuben Wu "The World We Live In" Open Call Winner

  • Claire Silver AI Contest #3 Winner

  • Continuum Dali Exhibition Winner

  • Simulation/Simulacra AI Animation Contest Winner 

  • Zeitgeist Open Call Winner

  • SuperRare Strange History: Alternate Realities Open Call Winner

  • SuperRare Sloika: Montage Open Call Winner

  • ChromaFlora Open Call Winner

  • Strange History World Team Member

  • Creator of the Annual White Elephant Holiday NFT Exchange

Art Exhibitions

  • "Program Interrupted" Digital Enlightenment, Dubai

  • "Program Interrupted" Women In Tech Showcase 2023

  • "I Am Drugs" Continuum Dali Exhibit, Barcelona

  • "I Am Drugs" Continuum Dali Exhibit, Paris

  • "Delicate" ChromaFlora Exhibit, Lisbon Portugal

  • "Divinity" NFT NYC Artists Village 2023

  • "Equalize" We Are The Sovereign Gallery, Miami

  • "Undersea Reverie" Station 3 By The Sea, New York

Featured Exhibitions

Salvador Dali Exhibit in Barcelona: 

My journey into the fusion of art and technology led me to a significant milestone – being selected for a Salvador Dali exhibit curated by the visionary Claire Silver and Oliver Halsmen Rosenberg. This exhibition, called Continuum Dali held at the GM Barcelona event in the culturally rich city of Barcelona, Spain, was a celebration of digital innovation meeting classical inspiration. My animated AI work, titled "I Am Drugs", a blend of surrealism and modern technology, was not only showcased but also gave me the unforgettable experience of witnessing my creation in a live setting. This was a true testament to the evolving dialogue between traditional art forms and new-age digital expression. -September 2023


NFT NYC 2023 at Javits Center:

In the heart of my home, New York City, I had the honor of exhibiting at the prestigious NFT NYC 2023, held at the Javits Center. This event, a beacon for the NFT community, was a vibrant platform where my work was displayed among the leading names in digital art. -April 2023

ChromaFlora in Lisbon, Portugal:

Portugal's enchanting capital, Lisbon, played host to "ChromaFlora," a unique estuary event where nature meets art. Exhibiting in this beautiful setting, my work harmoniously blended with the theme, showcasing the intricate relationship between digital art and the natural world. -December 2023

NFT Barcelona
NFT Lisbon

Panels & Interviews

Neue House

Panel Discussion at NeueHouse Venice, California:

At the distinguished NeueHouse in Venice, California, I had the privilege of participating in a panel discussion on the fascinating intersection of digital art and technology. Joined by Justin Fredericks of ArtHouse, we delved into the evolving dynamics between these two realms. This session was an enlightening exploration of how digital art is pushing the boundaries of creative expression and redefining the art landscape.

GM Barcelona

Interview by MetaCampus:

During my time in Barcelona, I was interviewed about the intricate process behind my showcased piece in tribute to Salvador Dali titled "I am drugs". The conversation was a deep dive into my creative approach and the vision that drives my work in the digital art space. I shared insights on how I perceive the future of digital art seamlessly integrating into the traditional art world, marking a new era of artistic evolution and cultural fusion.







The Shallows is a series of photographs taken in Miami in September 2022. Two beautiful sisters moving in tandem with the water was the inspiration for this project.

This was my first time shooting underwater and I instantly fell in love with the process - snorkel and all. Taking the luxury to breathe away - every second counts. My thoughts were saying; empty your mind, be formless, fluid, and weightless - like the flow of water.

The collection is currently SOLD OUT

Featured Collections


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It's 2059, and the world is a marvel of technological progress. Artificial Intelligence, once only imagined, is now a part of daily life. Despite their attempts to integrate into society, machines still face challenges in comprehending human behavior and emotions. Meanwhile, people are equally curious about how AI will shape their world. Over time, the distinction between technology and humanity becomes increasingly blurred, until they are indistinguishable. AI is no longer a distant vision, but a normal aspect of life, as both sides strive to understand this evolving landscape.

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