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I'm Ciara, the heart and soul behind the creative haven of Moonlight Media. With a palette of skills honed over 12 years in graphic design, photography, and digital art, I bring a lifetime of artistry to every project. Dive in and let's illuminate your vision together!

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My Story

From the very beginning, creativity has been the core of my being. Long before my formal education in college, my childhood was a canvas of endless imagination. I was always immersed in drawing, painting, and collaging, exploring the vibrant world of colors and shapes that danced in my mind.

My artistic journey was not limited to visual arts alone. At a very young age, I discovered a love for music and learned to play the piano. This passion led me to compete in New York State competitions, where I performed remarkably well, a testament to my dedication and love for artistic expression.

As I grew, so did my understanding of art and its limitless possibilities. I always knew that my future would be in the arts, but it wasn't until I reached college that the path became clear.

I attended Manhattan College, where I earned a BA in Advertising and Communications, minoring in Digital Media Design, in 2010. Post-graduation, New York City became my canvas, where I delved into various design roles. My career spanned from fashion design marketing to leading the design team for the Neurology Department at Weill Cornell Medicine.

My work has crossed paths with notable personalities like Sanjay Gupta and Seth Rogen, and has been featured in major publications including the NY Post, USA Today, the NBC Today Show, Newsweek, Antiques & Arts Weekly, Venu Magazine, and Antiques & Fine Arts Magazine.

In 2016, I took a leap of faith and started Moonlight Media Group. This freelance venture has allowed me to collaborate with a diverse array of clients, including DJs, estheticians, doctors, spiritual healers, construction companies, restaurants, bars, and major nightlife events.

My journey took a thrilling turn in 2021 when I entered the Web3 and NFT digital art space. It's been a whirlwind of recognition and success since then. My first NFT was acquired by Mark Cuban, and I've been a featured artist at NFT NYC twice. My art has been exhibited in Barcelona, Paris, Dubai, Lisbon, and at Art Basel.

Beyond creating, I've embraced the roles of curator and community builder within the Web3 community. I'm passionate about bringing artists together, sharing my experiences, and connecting with people globally.

I am currently open for commissions and collaborations and look forward to bringing your vision to life. Let's create something extraordinary together!


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Let's Connect!

My working hours are 9am-6pm Monday-Friday

Some availability on weekends

(914) 474-6193

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